With a photographic foundation established early in life, my introduction to cinematography was seated deeply in board sports. Growing up in the skateboarding and surfing community, I developed interest and technique through the focus and style of my own riding, along with that of elders and other filmmakers within the tight-knit community. This shooting style, one of gritty, raw, unfiltered and fast paced reality stood as an attempt to capture the culture and lifestyle of which I'd grown so fond.

Years later, in reflecting on the origins of my current style and approach to cinematography, I am consistently redirected to my roots of telling stories through the medium of surfing and skateboarding. Drawing inspiration from artists on the streets, in the water, and behind the camera, my creativity stems from life itself: the most intricate, marvelous stories of all are unfolding in real time.

With every project I engage, I take pride in tailoring my approach while maintaining a consistent visual style of storytelling. Though film is most definitely a visual form of narration, it is also a collaborative medium. I strongly believe that individual effort serves as the backbone of success, but sense of community affords the opportunity to generate a truly spectacular product.

-Nick Fornwalt, 2013

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